Want To Be A Pornstar? Make Sure To Enroll In The First Porn University

Chances are that if you’re a college aged student, you’ve already picked a school by now. You should stop reading now because you’re just going to kick yourself for a very long time. A famous pornstar has opened the first school for sex performers.

Rocco Siffredi, the retired pornstar known as the “Italian Stallion” who has more than 1,300 titles to his name including “Rocco’s Coming in America,” “Rocco: Animal Trainer 5” and “Bend Over Brazilian Babes 2,” announced the founding of his own sex performance school called (wait for it) the Siffredi Hard Academy. I’m assuming that the University of Phoenixxx, Hardvard University and Stanfirm University were already trademarked.

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The school will only admit 21 students for its first semester including seven women and 14 men from the thousands who submitted applications. Those who make it into the school will receive hands-on training and learn the techniques that Siffredi has gained from his 20 years of experience in the adult industry that will include screen tests, instruction of positions that work well in front of a camera and how to hide all that cocaine that you’ve been using to pay your crew when the DEA comes knocking at your door.

The classes and instructions will also be part of a reality show in which Siffredi acts as a mentor to a group of struggling young performers. He insists that it won’t be scripted in any way so if any pizza guys show up and the women can’t pay for it, that actually happened.