This Pornographer Placed A Bounty On The Head Of Jennifer Lawrence’s Pic Hacker

And then a hero comes along…

Mike Kulich isn’t just a pornographer. He’s also a bounty hunter with a heart of gold. A Boba Fett of boobs, if you will.

Kulich, who runs, was so outraged by last week’s celebrity nude pic leak (a.k.a. the Fappening), he’s offering a bounty for information leading to the capture of the hacker or hackers responsible for the crime.

In an interview with, Kulich claims he wants the hackers brought to justice not only because they violated Jennifer Lawrence’s (and others’) privacy, but also to draw attention to the fact that legal pornography is very much concerned about the issue of consent.

“The adult industry feels very strongly about consent,” Kulich said. “Which is why it has been heavily involved in our support for legislation banning revenge porn.”

Kulich also said the money for the bounty will come from revenue generated from his website, although a specific amount was not given, which in convenient, to say the least.

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I’m not gonna lie. This picture is here solely to keep you on the page for 10 extra seconds. Scummy.

This is all very noble. Of course, the fact that is now being mentioned on mainstream sites like Vice is also an added benefit of all his good work. But I’m sure there’s no way a pornographer would try to cash in on a hugely popular story involving stolen nude celebrity pics.

Besides, there’s no way that would give this guy an interview knowing full well it’s a stunt. In fact, the very idea that the interview was just a clever way to cash in on search terms like “Fappening” and “porn” while still pretending to stay above the fray is ludicrous. I’m sorry I even brought it up.

And of course, even if I did think that this was just a ploy to gain publicity for his site, who am I to talk? I’m writing about it because I know people will click on anything related to the stolen celebrity nudes. In fact, considering I looked at the pics and wrote several articles about them, I’d be a damn hypocrite if I called this guy out. So I won’t.

The Internet is a sewer. I should have gone to law school.