A Human Skull & 9 Other Bizarre Items Confiscated By Airport Customs

Pork Tamales that were seized by customas officials at LAX

Iimage Source: L.A. Times

Los Angeles International Airport Customs agents seized 450 pork tamales on November 2nd and promptly destroyed them. The traveler was also slapped with a $1,000 fine — all over pork tamales.

The deliciousness was all wrapped up in plastic bags and the dude possessing them was charged with intent to distribute.

Yummy. Fresh tamales straight from Mexico… after a plane ride sweating in plastic and then sitting in customs for a few hours. Might make you think twice next time you go to the taco truck at 3am.

Obviously meat is illegal to bring into most countries – and certainly lying about it is not encouraged (which is what this guy also did after he lied on his claims form).

But tamales are definitely not the most bizarre items to have been seized by customs. Let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

9. Live Fish

marlin from finding nemo GIF

Image Source: Tumblr

Just over a decade ago at the Melbourne Airport, a woman tried to smuggle 51 tropical fish through costums under her skirt. She was found out when the agents heard ‘flipping noises’ coming from her pelvic area.

8. Eyeballs

human eyeballs in jars

Image Source: Locked in the Cellar

Yep, human eyeballs. They were found by customs at Stansted Airport in 2007. Ten of them were in a jar. Delicious…

7. Dried Caterpillars

dried caterpillars in a basket

Image Source: annestravelandphotography.com

Like, tens of thousands of these things were seized by customs from one guy. They were seized at Gatwick Airport and are apparently also edible.

6. Cocaine Onions

onions that were hollowed out and filled with cocaine

Image Source: Instant Checkmate

You’d think an African prince who graduated from Harvard would not need to smuggle drugs, but this guy tried. He was busted at Heathrow trying to get cocaine into the country inside hollowed out onions.

Explains why I’m so addicted to the Bloomin’ Onion…

5. Birds & Monkeys

monkeys doing the riverdance GIF

Image Source: NetAnimations

This was also a Los Angeles International Airport incident. In 2002, a man had rare birds get out of his suitcase. When questioned, he also admitted to having two tiny monkeys in his pants.

One is okay, but two? A little excessive.

4. Human Head

a human skull on display

Image Source: The Greater Picture

While you’d expect to find many heads going through customs, Munich customs once found some Italian ladies with a skull in their bag. They actually had valid paperwork for the head’s burial in Italy, though, and were given back the skull.

3. Chainsaw

Texas Chainsaw Massacre leatherface GIF

Image Source: Manley’s Movie Review

In New York, a man tried to get a working chainsaw through in 2012. Unbelievably, once customs seized the fuel inside, they allowed him to keep on going.

 2. Snakes

snakes hiding in a woman's bra

Image Source: Kizaz

This one happened in Stockholm where a woman was found to have 75 live snakes in her bra. No confirmation on the cup size of the bra.

1. A Dead Dude

Dead guy with a toe tag

Image Source: Genius

In 2010, a woman and her daughter were trying to get her husband through customs. He was in a wheelchair and had on sunglasses. They claimed he “always sleeps like that.”

You guessed it. He wasn’t asleep, but dead. That had to be one for the customs record books.

That’s so Weekend at Bernie’s of them…

The Pork Source: ABC News