Poor Decisions: 2016 In Review





2016 is set to go down in history as the year of epically poor decisions. That is why Break is taking a look back at some of the most hysterical videos and photos of the year. Cheer up by looking at some of these bad decisions and be thankful that you don’t have to live with them. With the NHTSA’s new amazing virtual reality game, you will be able to make some game changing decisions of your own. So be sure to check The Last Call 360 Experience(Link Here).


Havent we all….. #tattoo #fail #tattoofails #inked #ink

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2016 Champs Tattoo

Some folks really jumped the gun on getting a celebratory tattoo. 

Letting The Public Decide Boat and Plane Names


When an Irish airline says they will let you name a plane they stick to their word.

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A contest to name a British research vessel backfired when the public overwhelmingly voted to name it “Boaty McBoatface” and was rejected. However Aer Lingus had a similar contest and followed through with the public’s decision to name their jetliner “Planey McPlaneface.” 

Guy Decided To Fly To China And Spend 10 Days In Airport Waiting For Internet Girlfriend

Back in August we heard about the story of a Dutch man who flew to China to meet his Internet girlfriend in person only for her to not show up. He then decided to spend 10 days waiting for her at the airport before  he needed medical assistance for exhaustion. 

2016 Workout Goals


My life summarized in a video ?? By @nadeemhamidy w/ @sampailifts

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With another New Year approaching, decide not to overdo it this time. 

This Guy Decided To Get Insane Haircut For Driver’s License Photos


In California, adults’ driver’s license photos are good for at least ten years. This guy decided to have some fun with his and get a “bald” haircut for his official DMV photo. Now he has to live with it! 

Man Decides To Commemorate Birth Of Son With Face Tattoo


Heres one proud father on fathers day #tattoo #fail #tattoofail #tattoofails #ink #inked

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A joyous occasion and possibly the most interesting decisions of 2016 was made by this guy. This man got a tattoo of his son his cheek so he will always be with him. Even when the son grows up, he will be able to see what he looked like as a small child, on his dad’s face. 

Three Guys Instantly Regret Deciding To Do Carolina Reaper Pepper Challenge

Hot pepper challenges come and go, but in 2016 the hottest of peppers, the Carolina Reaper was at the top of the list for those seeking a real challenge. However, these three folks instantly regretted their decision to try it.