Can You Solve All Your Problems With A Poop Transplant?

There are 1.5 billion overweight people in the world right now.  Americans spend over $60 billion per year on weight loss, so this is a big deal.  Big money, big asses.  It’s big all over.  Which is why when news breaks of a scientific advance in weight loss, a legit scientific advance and not just a scam diet of cabbage juice and Mr. Pibb enemas, it’s pretty impressive.  And if that scientific method includes a poop transplant well then, you got yourself a story.

Two recent studies in mice and humans indicate the bacteria in your guts have a lot more to do with weight loss than anyone thought.  In simple terms, when you have gastric bypass, the bacteria inside your intestines changes and you’ll see impressive weight loss.  When you diet, the bacteria stays the same and, despite eating fewer calories or less fat, you don’t lose a lot of weight.  Here comes the fun part for you poop enthusiasts – when the intestinal contents from mice who had a change in gut bacteria were transplanted to other mice, those mice lost weight. So they shifted poop from one skinny mouse to one fat mouse and it caused the fat mouse to lose weight and basically our Break scientists say it’s cool for us to now proclaim that a poop transplant is a miracle weight loss cure. 

How does this affect you?  Well, you finally have a reason to celebrate Obamacare because with the health crisis presented by obesity, this will have to be covered eventually.  Also, unlike people waiting around for heart and lung transplants, there’s a huge donor list already over at  Finally, you can look forward to scenes like this cropping up all around America!

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