A Pomeranian Got High As Hell And Caused A Raid On His Owner’s Apartment

This is not the Pomeranian that got high. It’s just some random bitch-ass Pomeranian.

There’s a dog in Vancouver that really knows how to party.

A Pomeranian named Carter was brought to the Yaletown Pet Hospital last month just absolutely wasty pants. The amount of stumbling and strange behavior was enough to prompt the hospital to get the authorities involved. And that ain’t cool. Don’t doctors need to take an oath or something?

The SPCA issued a search warrant and showed up at Carter’s owner’s apartment. They found that the dog wasn’t just eating marijuana to take the edge off. Carter had also developed a taste for cocaine, methamphetamine and oxycodone. Jeez, sorry for partying.

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Authorities seized the dog, thankfully before it could drive a car and hurt somebody.

Stoned dogs are actually a pretty common occurrence in veterinary clinics. They love the taste of marijuana, but Carter the Pomeranian’s case is especially rare. It’s not often that an animal comes in smelling so much like Amy Winehouse. In dog years, that joke was 21-years old.

The SPCA reports that the dog is doing much better as the owner is turning her life around. I take that to mean she’s learned to put her stash on a higher shelf. (Source)