Politician Who Shut Down Public Toilets Gets Fined For Peeing In The Street!

Today in Irony we go to South Lanarkshire, Scotland where a politician who voted down the funding of public toilets was fined for urinating in the street. The good people of Scotland can breathe a sigh of relief and fresh air that he just had to go number one.

In what can only be described as a Greek Tragedy of yellow proportions, Councilor Jackie Burns of the South Lanarkshire Council was left with little options when he had to piddle. The 51 year-old had overseen the closure of “public loos” in the town this past May as part of cost cutting measures by the Scottish Government to save £22 million pounds, or about $33 million dollars. It seems there were a few leaks in the plan.

Councilor Jackie Burns; hopefully he didn’t feel the burn.

Early Saturday morning as he rode in a Taxi the politician was suddenly struck with the urge to pee. He leapt from the cab in the town center and ran down an alley to relieve himself. Unfortunately for him a police officer saw him do it and issued him a fine for £40 . Burns wanted the council to be financially responsible and hold on to money, but he was unable to hold it when he had to pee.

In a statement Burns said; “I was approached by police, who gave me a £40 fine which I have duly paid. I am embarrassed by the incident and have apologized.”

As you can imagine his political rivals are just loving it, and I imagine trying to catch him sleeping so they can dunk his hand in warm water, with one fellow council member saying;

“I am disappointed by this behavior. He should consider his position as deputy leader.”

I guess the alternative would have been for him to wiz in his own pants in the taxi; much more gentlemanly! Maybe next time he will approve those damn public toilets which will quickly become covered in graffiti and feces.  Thankfully this happened in Scotland so we can all have a good laugh and you can’t pin this to your preferred US presidential candidate to hate.

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Source: Yahoo News UK