Police Put Man in Jail For Cocaine Possession That Turned Out to Be Soap

The nation’s “War on Drugs” is coming under much needed scrutiny now that the nation has spent over $1 trillion to make drugs cheaper and more potent than ever. It would also help if the officers enforcing its prohibition could actually identify an illicit substance unlike some members of New York’s law enforcement community. 

The New York State Police is facing a civil lawsuit after they arrested a man for cocaine possession and put him in jail for just under a month when they realized the illicit substance was nothing more than homemade soap.

Homemade soap or cocaine?

Police arrested Annadel Cruz and Alexander J. Bernstein back in 2013 during a traffic stop for speeding. The trooper claimed that he smelled marijuana in the car during the stop and asked if he could search the car. The officer found two brick sized items in the trunk covered in plastic and red tape. Bernstein insisted they were bricks of soap he made for his sister but a field test showed they were cocaine. Maybe if his name was Tyler Durden or one of them was a figment of the other’s imagination, maybe they wouldn’t be in this mess.

Both charged, arrested and jailed Bernstein was released 29 days later after posting his bond. Another in-depth test conducted two days after his release revealed they were actually bars of soap and the state dropped the charges. Did they really need to spend that much money to test whether or not soap was really cocaine? I’m pretty sure that a simple shower would have revealed the answer at a much lower cost. Don’t believe me? Try taking a bath with a brick of cocaine sometime. 

Source: Mcall