Shocking Scene Where Police Officer Lets Woman Off The Hook After Getting A Kiss

After getting pulled over in a red sports car, this attractive blonde woman didn’t want to be hit with a traffic ticket. According to a witness, she asked the police officer how she could “fix things.” The cop didn’t shoot down her advances so the lady went in for the wet, sloppy kiss you can see in the above video.

The woman’s strategy paid off. Following the kiss, she walked back to her sports car and the police officer returned to his vehicle. Most importantly, no traffic ticket was given.

Unfortunately for the cop, he has been identified as an officer in Puebla, Mexico. While no punishment has been announced, the people in the city are outraged and claim that this was a clear case of corruption.

There’s also a report that the cop and the blonde lady were later spotted together at a store. If that’s the case, she might have had to give the police officer more than a kiss to avoid that ticket.