Police Officer In Trouble For Prying Open Buttocks Of Suspect To Retrieve Drugs

A Portland police officer has cracked a case involving drugs. Literally. Back in 2011, the aforementioned police officer pried open the buttocks of a drug suspect and removed a bag of cocaine. Needless to say, the words “pried open” and “buttocks” led many to believe that the officer committed a VERY serious violation of the suspect’s privacy. If that isn’t violating, I don’t know what is.

The unlawful booty search has caused he Oregon Court of Appeals to overturn the suspect’s conviction.

Here’s how it all went down. In 2011, the drug suspect, Herbert Lee Scruggs Jr., was spotted at a drug hotspot in Portland called “Crack Alley” (that’s appropriate in more ways than one.) An officer saw him pull something from his pants and exchange it for money. My guess is that it was drugs. If not, I don’t know what he was selling from his crotch.

The officers saw him do another deal and believed that he was violating his probation. They took him into custody and strip searched him. Officer Matt Wells ordered him to bend over and cough so that no orifice was left unturned. Apparently, he didn’t “bend over and cough” enough so they thought he was hiding something up there. Wells, Officer Joshua Sparks, and another unnamed officer forced him to bend over. Wells noticed Scruggs was clenching his buttocks — more than a normal person would. This is when the prying happened.

Wells spread his cheeks apart and found a bag of cocaine. According to reports it was “pressed against, but not inside, defendant’s anus.” I’m sure it didn’t smell good either way.

The prosecution tried to say that they would have found the drugs in his butt even if they didn’t do the prying — but the judges weren’t buying it. The search was ruled as unlawful and Scruggs’ felony convictions were removed.

I’m sure Wells is now the butt of all jokes among his fellow officers.

Source: Oregon Live