Police Department Wants To Give Officers Nunchucks

Remember that kid on your block who always access to “toys” that were basically lethal weapons they either snuck away from their parents or got from them so it would shut them up?

Now, a police department in California wants some of those “toys” for its officers. 

The Anderson Police Department announced that they are training 20 officers in its departments to carry a set of nunchucks in the field instead of the traditional police baton. A spokesperson for the department says these weapons will give officers more control over resisting suspects by being able to detain them and reduce the risk of injury during their arrest. That is if they don’t accidentally hit themselves in the crotch with them as they are trying to use them. 

Sgt. Casey Day of the Anderson Police Department describes these new tools as a way to “more compassionately gain compliance from a suspect through pain application opposed to striking, as customary with the side-handled or straight baton.” They’ll also make the officers look really cool if they learn how to spin one on their finger. 

Source: Cap Radio