People Think Starbucks Xmas Cookies Look Like Polar Bears With Their Throats Cut

Now that everyone finally got it off their chest that Starbucks hates Christmas due to their primary colored Christmas cups (even though I still think it was just an “artistic” choice) it seems that Starbucks is continuing to screw with us by creating Christmas polar bear cookies that appear to have had their throats slit.

The horror!

Seems like this is the year for weird Christmas treats, especially after we reported on the uproar over Reese’s chocolate Christmas trees looking a lot like a big turd.

Of course this could be just an honest mistake with red iciing that is supposed to be the bear’s scarf, but since the icing looks more drippy than anything remotely looking like fabric, well, it ends up looking exactly like blood. The polar bear’s head being turned doesn’t help not-sell the whole blood theory either.

Found by Redditor FugazioOzbourne, one can’t help but wonder if Starbucks is just screwing with us after the whole red cup hullabaloo. I mean, those that did complain about the red cup do deserve to get some sort of comeback after Starbucks employees have had to get an earful for a decision that wasn’t even theirs while still only making minimum wage. “You want ya Christmas? Here’s ya Christmas!”

Regardless if this were an accidental design to the cookies or not, I think they’d make for a great Hateful Eight marketing tool.