Poker Fashion Chic At The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

When you think “poker player” you think of a person who is a fashionista – someone who is ahead of the bell curve on what’s hot and what’s not in the clothing world.

As a famous fashion journalist, I travel the world looking for the latest trends. That’s why I’m traveling to the Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas to cover PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) – one of the largest poker tournaments in the world. Here is where some of the top poker players on the planet gather to see who is the best at Texas Hold ‘Em. But better yet, the PCA is also THEE place on the planet to cover the niche but burgeoning fashion scene –  spawned by some of the world’s best poker players and their fans. As you might have guessed, the cutting edge of fashion can always be found in the poker world.

Let’s get a sneak peak at what you’ll see later this year at Fashion Week 2016 on the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York.

1) Poker Louis the 14th Neckerchief

Hot to the poker fashion scene at the PCA is the stylish “poker neckerchief. Players wear these to look like a updated Louis the 14th-era prince. Skeptics might think that players adopt this apparatus for comfort. No. It’s to give them a psychological advantage of appearing dressed not unlike a well-meaning prince. See, compare this poker players style to that of Louis the 14th:

And if you look behind him, apparently this is the style of fashion that the lady’s love!

2) Poker Louis the 14th Neckerchief Jr.

So apparently the Poker Louis the 14th Neckerchief look is a big trend on the poker circuit. Here is adopted in child-size by this seemingly 15-year old player. As Louis the 14th would say, if he played Texas Hold ‘Em – and dressed like this, “The Pyrenees are no more.

3) The Existential Look

Very avant-garde! Here is a poker fashionista who has evolved the traditional look and made it his own. With a nod to the traditional poker hoodie – this fashion plate added the touch of mirrored shades and oversized headphones to make the look his own. “Who am I?” this look says. “Do you know? Do I know!?” His fashion explains man’s existential plight in his faceless world.

4) The Head Wound Look

Back in the ‘00’s, the big style to emerge out of the poker was the hoodie and glasses. The style was form-and-function; it allowed a player to sit at the table an not have the other players be able to read his ‘tells.’ This fashionable player has solved the riddle of the Sphinx – and taken it a step further. He’s adopted, what is known in poker circles as “The Head Wound Look.” Come to the tables dressed to kill – by looking like your head is bleeding.  The other players wont be able to get a read on you when they’re too busy calling 911.

5) The High School Principal Look

Tres retro! This look says, “What if my high-school principal played in poker tournaments—and didn’t want to be recognized—so he wore a pair of sunglasses and a shirt he normally wears during pep rallies?” What is he listening to via his ear buds? ‘The Pledge of Allegiance’ on auto-loop of course!

6) White Jamaican Houseless Guy Look

This player is dressed to the teeth with a hint of sassy with a look that will surely put the man-bag into the mainstream. He flawlessly manages to blend his Jamaican chapeau-style with that of a homeless man scavenging through a dumpster. All I can says is, dapper a la mode!

7) A Woman

This is a very rare look at the PCA: a woman. For the most part you wont find this look at most poker tournaments or poker tables. Pushing forward, the hood creates a style not unlike an updated Hester Prynne. Yes, let’s party like it were 1642!

8) The Classic!

You can’t deny the classics – simply hoodie up, no sunglasses, Sophisticated yet sassy – all rolled into one all rolled into a look that says, ‘Yes, I want to rob a bank!”

9) Headphones Away From the Ear Holes Look

Here’s an uptown look that’s elegant – yet tasteful and full of sass; forget headphones as a device to listen to your Tony Robbins seminars while laying down the cards – the player goes breaks down the barriers – and utilizes his listening device as a headband. The vacant catatonic expression says: “Today I am happy!”

10)  Hoodie and Sunglasses vs. Sans Hoodie and Sunglasses

Bold, innovative, upscale yet ostentatious. These are the only words I could use to describe these two variations on a familiar, yet foreign fashion theme. Rakish yet ritzy…

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