Pokémon Go Players Catch Naked Monsters Humping: Keep Playing Next To Them

Today in Why Is This Still A Thing, we have some Pokémon Go news. A lot of weird things have happened because of this game that makes millennials go outside. A group of siblings in London, England were out late at night playing the game that just won’t die. They went out to the park wanting to shoot some Pokéballs at a Slowbro, but instead they found some bro shooting HIS balls.

They must have thought that their late night Pokemon hunt was a big success and they had discovered a new monster. This one looks like a Snorlax! However it was just a naked chick getting dry humped by a guy with his underwear on.

The three siblings thought it was pretty funny and kept hunting for Pokémon. The oldest sibling, Lauren Dua, 24 of London explained to the Metro UK the Pokémon poking they uncovered.

 “We were just walking across Blackheath Common when my brother said ‘Is that woman naked over there?’ and I thought he was joking but then my sister said the same thing. So I went over to have a look and could not believe that they were right and by that point a few people had gathered around still playing Pokemon and they were putting on quite a show. The couple really did not seem to be bothered at all that everyone was stood around watching them.”

Unfortunately it seems that instead of catching a blue Poliwrath, the male lover in question caught some blue balls and the wrath of a Pokémon player.  Not everyone thought the naked time was so LOL and one bystander didn’t appreciate having to look at this display. He got in a scuffle with the half-naked man- which to be honest is on him. If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is do not get in a scuffle with a half-naked man. It’s just a lose-  lose situation every time.

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