Woman Who Bought a PlayStation From Target Got Something Else Entirely

Christmas has come and gone and that means a lot of you are spending just about every minute of your free time playing the video games you got from your family and friends. A woman and her boyfriend in California had to settle for the magic of reading scripture when they opened their new PS4 to find the box contained nothing but Bibles.

Sandra Ortiz of Delano, California brought her boyfriend a PS4 for Christmas from a nearby Target but when he opened the box on Christmas morning, all he got was a giant box of sadness because it only contained a couple of Bibles wrapped in paper in place of the console. The boyfriend thought the present was a joke but Ortiz said she wanted to buy him the video game console and thought that’s what she took home from the store. The only way this story could be sweeter is if she had to knife some linebacker in the stomach during a crowded Black Friday sale.

Imagine if this greeted you on Christmas morning as a kid. Next year, you’d be asking Santa for a gun so you could enact your righteous revenge.

When the woman returned the Bibles to the store to complain, she was surprised to learn that this has become a widespread problem for Target. Ortiz said she was told that another customer came in to complain that someone sold her a PS4 box filled with paper. Last year, a man bought two iPods from a Texas Target and came home with two boxes of pencil erasers instead. So either someone’s stealing the stuff and replacing it with junk or the narcotics problems in third world countries are a lot worse than we originally thought.

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Source: CNet