We Can’t Thank The Woman Who Invented The PlayStation Controller Bra Enough

As if we needed another reason to spend most of our days playing video games, someone went ahead and combined two loves for most men; video games and boobs. Ladies and gentlemen, check out the new PlayStation controller bra. It’s a good time to be alive.

Christmas can’t come soon enough.

Created with fully functional buttons for the person using the bra for more than to hold up a pair of boobs, the two people to thank are Kyle Duffield and Daniele Hopkins who had this brainchild to begin with. Daniele seen above actually wearing the controller for folks to test out wanted to prove to people that the invention actually worked with attendees playing the video game Dead or Alive. Young Zack Morris in that photo was always one lucky bastard.

Here’s some footage from that glorious day:

Of course there are a few downsides to the PlayStation bra controller, right? What, you thought you could just get a beautiful woman to quietly wear this thing all day for you? Sure, the fantasy is nice but here’s what might really happen:

1. The only girl you can get to wear it for you for hours looks like this:

But you’d prefer this:

2. If you do get an attractive girl to wear it for you, you’ll also get to hear her nagging about it the whole time, or worse, talking about her day:

But you’d really prefer this:

3. Finally, when she’s done wearing it…that means you’re done playing.

But you’d definitely prefer this:

Not to say you can’t find the perfect woman who is attractive, quiet and willing to endure your video games for hours on end but if we haven’t found that breed of woman yet, it’s not looking too good. But that also doesn’t mean we should stop looking. Onward, boys. Onward.