Karissa Shannon: From Reality Star To Adult Tape Starlet

karissa shannon in a red top

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Yes! In September 2010, Karissa’s sex tape with her boyfriend Sam Jones III was released by Vivid Entertainment.  How the sex tape was obtained is unclear, however, there are rumors that reality TV star Spencer Pratt stole the X-rated footage from Karissa’s home.  Karissa is a close friend of Pratt’s estranged wife Heidi Montag and claimed Pratt took the video.  Karissa’s lawyer sent Pratt a letter charging that Pratt was in possession of footage that was “taken from Karissa” and “contains private materials.”  Pratt had earlier wanted to release sex videos of him and his ex-wife, Heidi to Vivid Entertainment but Heidi refused to authorize the release.  One of the videos Pratt supposedly had contained sex video footage of Heidi and Karissa. Ultimately none of these videos were released but the one of Karissa and Sam did find its way to Vivid.

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The couple had initially fought the release of the DVD and had their lawyers send Vivid president Steven Hirsch a cease-and-desist letter.  Before the release, Karissa and Sam were seen in public having dinner and Karissa seemed visibly upset.  The gossip website speculation was that it was because of the potential release of the sex tape although other sites felt that it was all an act because a deal was eventually made with Vivid to distribute the video.

As the ultimate in twins marketing, Karissa Shannon makes up one half of the hot Shannon sisters, twins who are also glamour models, Playboy Playmates and in Karissa’s case, sex tape star.  Known as “The Twins” or “Hef’s Twins,” Karissa, along with her sister, Kristina also served as the fulfillment of Hugh Hefner’s twin fantasy when in 2008, they both moved into the Playboy Mansion to be two of Hugh Hefner’s three new girlfriends.  Crystal Harris was Hefner’s third girlfriend although ultimately she ranked as his number one concubine.  Because of their “girlfriend” status, The Shannons started appearing on “The Girls Next Door,” the E! network reality television series about Hefner and his live-in women.  

The Shannon twins and their “boyfriend”:

twins with hef

The first episode the Shannons appeared in was the most-watched season premiere in the show’s history and attracted 2.4 million viewers.  Karissa said their relationship with Hefner was more about fun and being on the show rather than about true love and romance.  Hefner must have agreed since the Shannon twins moved out of the mansion in January 2010 due to Hefner’s deepening relationship with Crystal although the twins continued to appear on show.  Later, Karissa went on to garner more publicity when a sex tape she did with her boyfriend, actor Sam Jones III was released by Vivid Entertainment in 2010.

Karissa and Sam Jones out on the town:


Karissa and her identical twin sister, Kristina was born October 2, 1989 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  They have a younger sister, Rebecca.  The twins moved to Clearwater Beach, Florida when they were 1 year-old and went to Largo High School but were also homeschooled.  The twins worked as servers at WingHouse restaurants in Largo and St. Petersburg before being chosen as finalists for Playboy’s 55th Playmate Search.  In August 2008, they went to California for a photo shoot and caught 83-year-old Hefner’s eye.  The 19-year-old twins moved into the Playboy mansion in October 2008 and became Playboy magazine’s Playmates of the Month for the July/August 2009 double issue.  When asked about how it feels to be in Playboy, Karissa said, “I love Playboy. I think Playboy’s classy. Being in the same issue with Kristina is cool. It’s a great experience for us.” Kristina added “We loved to do our pictorial together because it’s twice as hot.”

It’s nice to be close to your sister:

playboy twins cover

Kristina and Karissa Shannon – two for the price of one: 

Karissa shannon models thong with twin sister kristina

The Shannon twins’ 10-page pictorial was shot at the mansion and they wore matching tennis skirts and sailor caps. The sisters often dress alike but one way to tell them apart is that Karissa has a beauty mark on her neck.  After it was officially announced that the Shannons were Hefner’s new girlfriends, it was revealed that the twins had arrest records.

In November 2007, Karissa was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and in January 2008, both sisters were charged with aggravated battery after reportedly fighting with two people at a house party in Clearwater. The assistant state attorney filed felony battery charges against them.  The sisters pleaded no contest, given probation and required to pay damages.  Hefner didn’t seem to mind a little bad girl in his new girlfriends since the twins continued to live at the Playboy Mansion until 2010.

The Shannon twins’ mugshots:

Shannon twins mugshot

After moving out of the Playboy Mansion, Karissa was asked how being one of Hefner’s girlfriends changed her.  She said, “Taking away from the experience, I’m a lot more mature. I grew up a lot. There were a lot of rules there. Hef showed me how Hollywood was, the safe way, not going out at 18 and partying all the time. He had a really strong team behind me so I came out much more experienced. Going into it, I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew I wanted to go. It was really exciting and you learn the ropes as you’re there.”

Karissa and Kristina then had small roles as strippers in “Somewhere,” a film directed by Sofia Coppola about a downtrodden celebrity who struggles to find himself.  Karissa said in interview about working with Sofia Coppola, “Sofia made us feel really comfortable on the set. We definitely want to do more of it. It was a really good experience.”  Karissa admires Sofia’s rare position as a director in Hollywood and finds it inspiring, “Sofia’s someone I look up to between her style and what she does with a camera. Sofia’s movies are more pretty scenes like a painting with content.”  In 2010, the movie won top honors at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.  The twins also appeared in the ninth series of the UK reality show, “Celebrity Big Brother” on January 5, 2012 and came in 5th.  After, they then participated on “Big Brother’s Bit on the Side,” the companion series to “Celebrity Big Brother.” 

shannon twins come in pairs

Karissa is now trying to forge a separate identity from her sister despite their close relationship.  When asked just how close they are, Karissa explained, “We hang out every day, we talk every day, our goals are the same and we think the same. We’re actually trying to be more individual as we get older. Now, we’re just trying to get people to notice us individually. It’s hard because we are so much the same.”  The sisters filmed episodes of another reality show similar to the concept of “The Simple Life” in Argentina but Karissa said despite still working together, they want the world to know they are two different people, “We don’t dress the same anymore. We’re a lot more mature. I have a boyfriend, she has a boyfriend. There’s a lot more different things going on in our lives. We’re just trying to get people to know the individuals.”  

Here, Karissa is exerting her individuality:

karissa butt up

Why is Karissa upset?

Karissa shannon and sam jones

karissa shannon looking very upset

According to Hirsch, Karissa and Sam agreed to a deal with the adult film distributor for a “six-figure range,” reportedly $600,000.  Hirsch said, “We are excited to finally distribute this amazing DVD.  It’s sure to be one of our all-time best sellers.”  He added, “It’s amazing how many fans each of them has and apparently they are very eager to see this movie,” “Karissa Shannon Superstar will be one of our biggest sellers ever.”

The video starts off benignly with Karissa’s bending over looking for something in a car.  Sam comments on how she is going to cause an accident since her ass is prominently displayed.  In the rest of the video, Karissa spends a lot of time in the bathtub and the shower in between sex scenes and Sam gets a chance to show off his lean abs.  But why tell you when you can watch it for yourself here.

You’ll see one thing’s for sure…Karissa has definitely found a way to stake her own identity.