Playboy Bunnies Reveal What They Look Like Before Wearing Make-Up

Despite the internet being at our disposal to give you any number of nudes for any type of lady you’d like to see at that moment, Playboy is still the classiest of ways one could look at the naked ladies. The writing is pretty solid too, but seriously, the naked ladies. Unfortunately, some Playboy bunnies have decided to ruin the fantasy that Playboy has maintained for over 50 years by showing what they look like before the stylists come in to give them that flawless Playboy standard the magazine has held for so long.

Damn you, reality. Damn you.

Playboy’s Ashleigh Hannah

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Playboy’s Khloe Terae

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Playboy’s Candace Leilani

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And to think, we all thought the women of Playboy were from a different planet.

I’ve added the images from Playboy as a nice palette cleanser so you’re welcome for that.

Thanks to makeup artist Melissa Murphy’s instagram, we now have a behind the scenes look at how even the world’s most beautiful women are pretty much like the rest of us. Which isn’t an altogether bad thing, it was just nice to keep the Wizard behind the curtain for a little while longer.