Google Maps Now Has A Playable ‘Pac-Man’ Mode As If We Didn’t Use Google Enough

Anyone who works with a computer that’s connected to the Internet knows that distractions are all around them. Just about anyone who thinks that kittens and puppies are cute can spend hours getting lost on YouTube. Games are free, abundant and addictive. And, of course, the pornography. But now, Google has found one more way to waste your time instead of working with an new addition to their Google Maps app; PAC-MAN MODE.

The Google Maps app itself has become its own addiction since they added their famous street view that lets people look at the locations from their past without actually visiting them. They’ve found another way to make it addictive by giving it a new “Pac-Man” app, because, why the hell not. Simply visit any map in the world with a good number of roads and click the “Pac-Man” logo in the lower left corner.

The roads will be replaced with rows of dots and power pellets. Pac-Man will appear in one corner of the screen and those four pesky ghosts, Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde, will appear in the opposite corner. Then you move around trying to eat up all the dots before the ghosts eat you just like in a regular game of “Pac-Man” except it’s taking place in a real world map. It even includes the sounds from the original game that’s perfect for reliving your arcade glory days and letting your boss know that you’re not working when you’re within earshot of them.  The internet continues to be a beautiful thing.

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source: Kotaku