Horrific New Plane Seat Design Will Have You Look Deep Into A Stranger’s Eyes

If the phrase “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon,” doesn’t send shivers up your spine, it should. An airplane seat manufacturer named Zodiac Seats France has recently created a patent for a new seat design in commercial passenger jets  that has the potential to keep chiropractors busy for years.

Under the guise of maximizing space the middle seat in a three seat row is turned around so that passengers are forced to face each other. Not only that, from the proposed design passengers appear to share two arm rests as if they were toing to all hold hands together. The only way to make this worse is if you were spooning with the person sitting next to you… oh God, I hope I just didn’t give the airlines any ideas!

Who thought that this would add to customer comfort? I’m guessing they were thinking of how to shove a few more human cattle into the economy seats.  At a time when passengers are using “knee defenders” so others can’t recline their seats, someone thought this seat format isn’t going to make people freak out?

Airlines these days have zero tolerance for passengers acting crazy. The level of crazy people who freak out on an airplane, forcing the aircraft to land has risen in recent years, from vicious masturbators to screaming “God you’re my savoir” for ten minutes straight.  In a flying metal tube crammed in like pigs in a cage going to slaughter, people are prone to epic panic attack induced meltdowns. The only way to avoid this is on those fancy flights with cable TV on the back of the headset and free Wi-Fi, to let you not think about your own mortality. I’m guessing this stress inducing design will lead to more of these incidents. This whole thing reminds me of a classic SNL sketch “The Love Toilet.”

Maybe I’m being pessimistic; maybe this experimental seat design is all a genius move to increase membership into the “Mile High Club.” However if you are stuck facing a screaming baby, a farting old lady and two fat guys cramping you on both sides, it is totally time to hit up the drink cart for some tiny bottles of booze.

Would you ever sit in a seat like this on an airplane?

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Source: The Verge