Plan To Create Six Californias Could Go To A Vote!

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Jul. 16, 2014

Silicon Valley venture capitalist, and 1980’s comedy movie “evil billionaire businessman” archetype Tim Draper, no relation to Don, loves California so much that he wants there to be six of them.


Draper has gathered 1.3 million signatures in an effort to get a measure on the ballot where voters would decide if California should split into six separate, new states. Wow, that’s a lot of new states for the rest of the country to hate.


Draper argues that California is so large with 38 million residents that it has become ungovernable and that by breaking it up into smaller bite size states, government officials will be better able to serve and represent the people. That, or as his critics have pointed out he just wants to create an electoral map that would blatantly benefit his own interests. If it goes through the newly formed states would be Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California and South California.

West California Side, or Jefferson Side or... Whatever.

But what if he’s right? Carve California up like a California avocado and see what happens. Plus it could be a big boost to the map industry with everyone having to buy new maps and globes for the children. Hey, wait a minute, does Draper own the map company?! Someone look into that.

The New Map Market Will Be The North California Gold Rush

Here is the Six California’s pitch explaining how bigger isn’t always better, it’s not the size it’s the technique that counts.

Draper and his “Six California” supporters hope to have their plan come to a vote during the 2016 election. However In order for the plan to actually go through the United States Congress would also have to approve the creation of the six new states- something that seems like bit of a tall order. In addition the plan could create both the wealthiest and the poorest state in the nation. In other words everyone in the six Californias might be singing the “Six In A Row” song; click here for the NSFW song that will illustrate six Californias.

So what do you think? Would you want to see six new California’s? Or is one enough?

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if this really does happen are the people working their going to face interstate taxes

lordtoad User

Actually it's a GREAT idea. About 45 percent of Californians are Republicans! There are more republicans in California then in Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee combined, but you would know that because of all the looney lefties that live there. Right now California has 55 electoral votes that always go the democrats, but split the state along partisan lines and the democrats will only get about 32 electoral votes with the Republicans getting the rest.

Democrats can't win the Presidency without California, so Republican Presidents will become the norm.

However, there will be a slight disadvantage when it comes to the House and the Senate as it would also ensure more democratic Congressmen and Senators.

arslycus User

Okay, I can understand five of the six new names but where did Jefferson come from? If it's after a past President's name, i.e. Washington, why not hold true to California and call it Regan?

wytt User

California voting is dominated by LA and the Bay Area. The way they choose to vote is their right but it leaves other parts of the state that don't have huge industries to support them kind of screwed. I am so down with this plan.


Always trying to one up Florida. Well $%^& you California, Florida is going to vote on becoming 12 states...

DressUpYourPet User

that's a good one.  the only thing missing from this post is the drum rim shots.  Not only will it never happen, it will never get to a vote either.  There are a hundred legal and constitutional reasons why it could never, will never, and CAN never happen, so I didn't waste my time reading it.  It's ten times more likely more likely the fed gov would legalize drunk driving, or actually do something  to stop the future democrat voters flooding across the border then this(both equally improbable don't you think?) so i didn't waste my time reading it.

NLDekker User

It will never come to pass, because the freeloaders (aka, Democrats) vastly outnumber the working taxpayer (aka, Republicans).  There is no way that the freeloaders are going to kill the Golden Goose that provides all the benefits.

LiftO User

go ahead, spend millions of dollars drawing up imaginary lines see if I care.

Danny-Ward-434 User

And yet we in Texas (which is bigger for those who suck at US knowledge, most being fellow Americans) our representatives represent us very well, maybe thats because our lawmakers only meet six weeks once every 2 years and have to go back to there constituents and be held accountable. God I love my state.

Geepa53 UserTop Commenter

If we wait long enough, maybe it'll just fall into the Pacific Ocean.  Problem solved.

paul_revere User

There is no hope for this state no matter what you do to it. The libtards already ruined it beyond repair.

grandiloquent User

split sacramento north between Nevada and Oregon, split everything east of riverside between Arizona and Nevada.  then leave the rest cali.  this way you spread out the population load, while retaining the legislature bodies.

usgrant User

South is Brown and West is Yellow?  That's racist man!

COHockey User

Yeah and how will they divide the massive 422 BILLION in debt? Why does Silicon Valley have their own state? Follow the money. Not only would these states squabble over things like liabilities and water rights, they would get 6 more reps to make laws for the rest of us. No thanks. California used to be a beautiful place, but like everything else on this planet, people ruined it. 

stevespens User

@grandiloquent Don't you dare dump those inconsiderate, arrogant, ass-wipes on our beautiful state of Arizona. At least now they come, spend their money and "go home".

BigGreenPeen User

@grandiloquent If you propose moving those California idiots into my lovely state of Nevada I will punch you right in the womantalia.