15 Places James Franco Could Pick Up Women Besides Instagram

In case you haven’t heard, Academy Award nominated actor, director, screenwriter, producer, teacher, author, poet and PHD candidate James Franco was caught trying to pick up a 17 year old girl via Instagram whom he met earlier outside his Broadway performance. Why would a rich, famous Renaissance Man like James Franco have to resort to picking up women on Instagram? As some have pointed out, the whole thing could be a hoax and publicity for Franco’s new film which deals with an older man’s relationship with a teenage girl. If this is true it might actually be creepier that Franco would be willing to possibly tarnish his reputation in such a way, just to promote a film. However in case it’s not a hoax, we have come up with a list of places that Mr. Franco could successfully pick up attractive women his own age. Because ya know...  he’s James Frickin’ Franco!

The Mall

A Wedding Chapel

At The Local Off Track Betting

A Men’s Prison

While Working an Oil Rig

A Nunnery

A Creepy “Hills Have Eyes” Gas Station

At This Desert in Phoenix

At an Amish Barn Raising

On Spring Break

On The Surface of Mars

1970’s New York City

At This D&D Gathering Full of Nothing But Men

Inside Seth Rogen’s Belly Button

Here, Here, Here and Here

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