Are You Ready For A Pizza Vending Machine?

Ever since we were kids, we were promised that we would be part of that storied world known as “the future.” Yes, technically every kid gets their promise through the march of time but we were looking ahead to the end of the millennium. It would be a glorious change that we felt privileged to know we would be a part of and we felt cheated when the year 2000 came around and the world around us immediately didn’t turn into “The Jetsons.” Where were the jet packs?  Where were the sexy robot ladies?  Where was the Matrix?

The good news is that people are working on technology that can advance mankind into a new age of living like the people who gave us the pizza vending machine. A company called Pizzabox created a vending machine that can deliver a piping hot pizza to your waiting hands in just 90 seconds for only $5. Take that, dark Ages!  Say what you will but that’s a lot better than spending $15 to find out that Domino’s doesn’t care if you have taste buds or not.

Each 10-inch pizza is warmed in an oven in the vending machine that can reach a temperature of up to 800 degrees. Then it slides it into a box and spits it out into your hands for you to enjoy. The pizzas are so hot when the machine delivers them that they suggest letting them cool for 5 to 10 minutes before you devour them. Pizzabox is still testing their latest creation but they plan to start putting them on the streets sometime next year.

If you doubt their sincerity, know that the same company created Burritobox, the burrito-making machine that claims to make delicious burritos in only 60 seconds and according to a review on “looked like the remains of a hamster that got run over by a taxicab.”  How bad could these pizzas be?  This totally makes up for the whole “no flying cars” thing.  The future is now!