The ‘Customer Request’ On This Pizza Receipt Has Some Real Oddball Specifics

People are picky with their food. But when it comes to pizza, especially from a place you’re getting delivery from, just be glad you’re not getting food with spit in it. And with this many random details, one wonders if a certain medicinal or liquid aid was also at work besides hunger for this weirdo customer.

I’m not sure how you’d make crust crispy on the level that it would be equal to revenge on a cheating boyfriend, but also not so crispy that you can’t reconcile with said cheating boyfriend in the not so distant future. Regardless, the issues this woman is experiencing goes beyond a need for dinner. Shame we can’t see what time the order had taken place.

Also, maybe you should wait outside if there’s a chance the poor delivery person might break your gate? I dunno, just spitballing here.

Let’s just hope the catering lead to a decent tip.


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Source: Elite Daily