Pizza Hut Has A Pizza Box That Turns Into Smart Phone Movie Projector

OK, so this is a blatant publicity stunt and it worked. The folks over at Pizza Hut, makers of adequate pizza, have a new gimmick up their marinara covered sleeves. Pizza Hut is always coming up with strange and weird concoctions for its pizza. Any pizza joint that has its crust stuffed with cheese or comes with a variety of dipping sauces is OK in my book. Now ‘The Hut’ has kids call it, is unleashing an upgrade to their pizza box.

Looks yummy.

Calling it the “Blockbuster Box” it turns into a working movie projector using your smartphone.  I’m assuming there is no one left working at Blockbuster Video corporate to object to this title.

To use your cardboard movie projector that smells like a medium “Meat Lover’s” you just follow a few easy steps;

Step One: cut a hole in the box! The side of the pizza box has a projector hole that pops out.


Then, and this is the genius part, they turned that little pizza table that comes in pizza boxes and made it into a projector lens that fits into the hole.


Then just slide your smart phone screen behind the lens and point it at the wall.


The lens magnifies your phone’s display just like a real movie projector. Hopefully no one calls you while you are watching a pizza box movie and you accidently get pepperoni on your face.

Here is the bummer; while we here in ‘Merica can enjoy crust oozing with cheese and 2 feet of pizza strips for dipping, sadly the Blockbuster Box is only available at Pizza Huts in Hong Kong.

What movie would you watch a pizza box projector?

Here is Burning Godzilla in Hong Kong:

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Source: Business Insider