Pizza Hut Just Made The Inception Of Pizza Called The “Meat Pie”

Say what you will about Pizza Hut because regardless of your opinion, they just ruled the game with this new glorious invention. It’s called the “Meat Pie” which includes eight mini meat pies in the crust, served with a side of tomato sauce in mini dough bowls baked onto the crust. Good Lord, avert your eyes!

Unfortunately for now the pizza is only available down under in Austrailia with a lot of Americans hopeful it can quickly gain popularity and be made here in the states. We need this in our lives, people. It’s like a crown of carb goodness.

Meat pies in general are pretty big in Australia and Europe, which is a pie stuffed with diced or minced meat with a dollop of tomato sauce. But this takes that concept to an Inception like level. Frankly, if Pizza Hut continues with this type of genius, there may be no need for any other type of food ever again. Kidding, I’d like to not be in a wheelchair by 40, but this is still awesome all the same.

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Head to Austrailia’s Pizza Hut website for further drooling HERE.