Customer Gives Pizza Delivery Guy ‘Game Of Thrones’ Like Delivery Instructions

I’m sure being a pizza delivery guy comes with at least a little adventure in who you’re delivering too, but sometimes you get delivery instructions that seem like a chapter out of a George R.R. Martin novel telling you to watch out for menotaurs and labyrinths. At least that’s the fantasy one pizza order gave their delivery guy but who’s to say at least some of it isn’t true?

Delivering to a hospital? Already sounds interesting. The stork upon the ceiling…okay it must be the nursery section, now we’re getting somewhere. And then the instructions go batsh*t and who knows what they’re really talking about if anything.

Of course there might not be one ounce of truth in their message, not even the basement part to this customer’s delivery instructions which means they’re so stoned, they don’t know the difference between a decent tip and a stack of napkins. Let’s just hope it was a hot nurse that answered the door. Ehhh, doubtful.