This Amazing Pit Bull Carried His Injured Chihuahua Friend To Safety

Dogs are an amazing species. They can not only provide their human owners with hours of top-notch entertainment, but some can also heroically save lives by pulling people out of burning buildings, running to get help when it’s needed, and warning people when kids fall in wells. They are the polar opposite of sharks, who are still the biggest a-holes of the animal kingdom.

Some dogs just seem to have an innate sense of morality and understanding. Call it bonding, a sixth sense or whatever you will. Their natural nobility can lead them to do some amazing things. This includes some breeds that are viewed as “dangerous.” Take, for instance, this Lab-Pit Bull mix named Joanine in Georgia who was found carrying a wounded chihuahua in her mouth. Animal control officers found the pair and immediately brought the chihuahua, later named, Chachi to a vet where she was treated for a very severe eye infection.

Doctors had to remove Chachi’s infected eye, but they were able to save her life and reunite her with Joanie at the local animal control office. Caretakers report that both dogs are still quite close.

Once news of their tale hit the web, offers poured in from locals who wanted to adopt both of them so they could stay together.

If you’re not at least smiling by now, then you need to seek treatment for your stubborn anger issues. I just wish we could do more for such a sweet pair of animals, like naming them after better TV characters. Ozzie and Harriet would be a big step up at this point. Walt and Jesse?