Watch Brain Finally B*tch Out Pinky For Being Such An Idiot

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jul. 30, 2014

This might be the greatest thing you'll see today (besides Orlando Bloom trying to punch Justin Bieber).

Original Pinky and the Brain voices Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche got together to record this updated version of the popular Animaniacs segment. And holy mother, is it awesome.

"I could've had the world years ago if you didn't keep f*cking it up!" is probably the greatest line Brain could've ever said to the idiotic Pinky. Why did he keep him around for so long?

The ending credit tag is what also caught my attention with, a podcast/live show where the man behind Pinky's voice talks with other voice actors about the business and various stories that come along with working in such a unique field.

Check out his podcast HERE and if you're on tumblr, check out the source of the cartoon posted by the video's animator HERE.