Pilot Lets Hot Girls Take The Controls Of Airplane And Gets Fired

A pilot lost his job after he let a couple of cute girls sit behind the controls of his aircraft while it was still up in the air. 

Something tells us that the pilot really wanted the girls to take control of another lever in the “cockpit.” 

Magnicharters, a company that files charter planes between Mexico City and Cancun, fired one of its captains after photos surfaced online of two very attractive women sitting behind the controls of the plane while wearing the captain’s hat. The photos featured singer Esmeralda Ugalde and her friend Samadhi Zendejas sitting in the captain’s chair controlling the plane as it was flying. The photos went viral as soon as they hit the Internet and when the company got a hold of them, they fired the captain. Magnicharters said in a released statement that the women should not have been allowed to control the plane even if it was on autopilot and passengers are not even allowed to enter the cabin, saying;

“We cannot even allow people to enter the cabin, even if they are actors or actresses.”

We assume they chose their words carefully since it’s clear that at the time of the incident, the captain was thinking with his “cockpit.” 

You’ve got to admit one thing. It’s the cutest display of reckless endangerment that you’ll ever see. 

According to the New York Daily News, Samadhi tried to come to the pilot’s aid by insisting they were only in the cockpit before the plane had taken off but the pilot had already admitted to company officials that they were sitting in the plane while it was up in the air. The upside is that this would make a really interesting and much hotter sequel to Robert Zemeckis’ “Flight.” 

Source: Elite Daily