Brilliant Inventor Creates Pill So Your Farts Smell Like Chocolate And Flowers

65-year-old Christian Poincheval has created something most of you have needed for a long time. A pill that will not only ease indigestion but also turn your retched farts into sweet smelling aromas like flowers and chocolate. Previously, Poincheval had been able to turn farts into roses or violets but finally was able to input chocolate into the mix. A Merry holiday season indeed.

The only unfortunate parts to this entire discovery is three things. 1) The pill is invented by a French guy. Just saying. 2) The pill is only offered over Poincheval’s website. 3) Poincheval looks like this.

Isn’t chocolate and flowers what every kidnapper promises their victims?

Since Poincheval’s website is almost completely written in French, I personally have no idea what in the hell he’s talking about. It could be about how each pill is poisonious concoction followed by the French version of LOL, whatever that is.

Regardless, to buy the lump of 60 pills is only around $12 so that’s not too bad for the price of danger. The man’s been in business since 2006 and hasn’t been arrested yet so maybe this stuff actually works? Unfortunately there’s no “reviews” section on the site which is a little unsettling, but then again, I wouldn’t trust that part of it either.

So if you guys are in desperate need of some decent farts this holiday season, head to Poincheval’s site HERE. But we won’t be held responsible for what happens to your kidneys.

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source: Daily Mail