Pic Of Hottest Policewoman Goes Viral

I would like to report a break-in…. to my heart (pause for laughter). That’s because what is arguably the most attractive police officer, male or female, currently swearing to uphold the law – and men’s trousers without a belt –  was recently photographed  on a crime scene. She’s going to serve and protect guys from being able to concentrate! With a gun strapped to her tight pants, she wore cowboy boots and a tight shirt showing off some lady justice. Seriously, please never put her on traffic duty or the carnage from accidents by distracted drivers will be immeasurable. And just so we are all on the same page; that’s not a gun in my pants officer, I swear.  And just so you feminists know, of course we would objectify a man in the same way if he looked like a hot blonde chick.

You’d like to be on her duty.

Try not to get too excited guys, unless you live in the Netherlands in the town of Wassenaar,  where this sexy sleuth was spotted investigating a jewelry robbery. Reddit and the internet were quick to be arrested by her beauty, dreaming of playing cops and robbers… where the cop gets convicted for “abuse of power” for indefinitely restraining the detainee and not allowing him to see a lawyer since he’s been a very, very bad boy.

For An Extra 50 Will Give You A Dutch Oven

Or maybe they just thought she was a stripper. That’s not sexist, this is just a fact that most cops don’t look like her, unless you’re watching one of those network TV crime dramas. Then everyone is conspicuously attractive and look like they just stepped out of an underwear commercial, yet ready to kick some ass.

Hawaii 5-Oh My Goodness Look At Those Guns

Have you ever seen an officer that looks like that? They look more like me after a night of drinking and eating Taco Bell. When ever you get pulled over in real life our girls and boys in blue look more like this.

I donut think he has washboard abs.

Again, nothing wrong with that, just sayin’. However, fatties and hotties alike do get arrested. It would be an amazing real life Skinimax movie if Officer Sexy and the hot criminal from this mug shot crossed paths one day.  You know, maybe she can’t pay her bond and has to work out some kind of lube-based arrangement?

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