Photographer Shoots Real People As Superheroes On Edge Of Skyscraper

We have become accustomed to seeing super heroes in the movies flying through the air like it’s no big deal.  Even Michael Keaton is now daydreaming about flying from building to building just like in his superhero glory days. However in real life if someone even tried to sit on the edge of a building like Spiderman, most of us would trip and plummet to our death with no one there to swoop in and save us. That’s why photographer Von Wong had a vision to help regular people live out this high flying fantasy. Wong got a bunch of office workers – not professional stunt people – to dress up as superheroes and pose on the ledge of a San Francisco skyscraper.

The lege in question. – Why do superheroes always perch on a ledge anyway?

Each participant made their own costumes and worked up enough courage to go out on the ledge, 1000 feet above the ground. I for one would have dressed as “Fear of Heights Man” and hid snuggly back inside the office building, taking a selfie under a desk.

Wong wanted to do the shoot as real as possible without special effects or green screens and the results are pretty awesome.

1.  Hellboy

Don’t try this at home; Wong and his crew did have safety equipment that each participant was harnessed into and later Photoshoped out of the final portraits.

Would you have enough gutsto stand out on the ledge as your favorite character? The behind the scenes video of the photo shoot is pretty intense:

The photographer says each superhero had to overcome the instinct not to climb up on the ledge; “To be up on that ledge is absolutely terrifying. The wind is blowing so hard you think it’s going to knock you over. Every cell in your body is screaming at you to go back to safety. My job was to convince them to inch closer and closer to the opposite direction of safety ?—?straight towards the edge of a 1000 foot drop. In the photo, it makes all the difference.”

Here are more of the superheroes, fighting crime, and acrophobia.

2. The Hulk

3. Mystique

4. Wolverine

5.Harley Quinn

6. Deadpool

7. More Hulk!

I think he should go to Comic Con and get and put all of the Cos Players into these types of real super hero situations. “Oh you want to be The Dark Knight? Here is a grappling hook, let me see you bound up the side of this ten story building!”

For more on the super hero photo shoot check out Von Wong’s blog here.

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