Tourists Ran Into Stallone On Top Of The Rocky Steps, Luckily They Had A Camera

The most iconic moment from the film Rocky has turned the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s exterior steps into a work of art themslves. Everyone recognizes it and when in the city of Philadelphia, everyone has to see them in person. But for one lucky group of tourists, they got more than just the crummy steps. They got Rocky Balboa himself. Awesome.

A group of three guys, one who had just moved to Pennsylvania and his two visiting buddies were checking out the steps when Stallone appeared after the friends finished running of the steps. “He said to us, ‘Man, you guys are fast. You’re making me look bad!’”

“Look tough, guys!” Stallone said after the trio asked The Man for a picture.

It’s unclear why Stallone was visiting the steps in the first place, so I hope he was literally just in town and decided to stop by and mess with people. I honestly can’t think of another reason. Regardless, I hope next time someone runs into Carl Weathers as well.

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source:  6abc