Take A Rare Glimpse At The Inside Of Darth Vader’s Iconic Mask

On Reddit earlier today, a never before hi-res image of the interior of Darth Vader’s mask was was posted. Kind of reminds me of when you would tear open a calculator to see how it worked. Click HERE for a larger image that’s so huge that you might be able to see Vader’s dried Sith snot

Taken from a travelling Star Wars exhibit, Reddit commentors believe that it was used for Empire Strikes Back when, for a brief moment, Vader’s helmet is being returned to his head. But some also believe the helmet was made for the big scene where Anakin gets his mask for the first time in Star Wars Episode III. Watch that scene HERE if you’d like to relive how sub-par that whole moment actually was.

Either way, it’s pretty amazing how intricate movie props can be when you get a good look like this. Especially since about 10% of it is actually seen on camera.

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source: Reddit