This Photo Of A Woman Hiding From Her Approaching Attacker Is Terrifying

If this isn’t straight out of a horror movie, I don’t know what is.

A woman in Venice, California had to flee for her life after hearing a break in in her home in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Escaping through the second story window and cowering underneath the extended part of the roof, a camera caught the eerie moment when the attacking transient appeared, walking toward the victim. And of course in horror movie fashion, he looks scary as hell.

Yeah, that looks terrifying.

The entire scenario was captured along with the man’s arrest by a local man who decided to videotape the entire showdown. But it’s the photo that is putting people on edge. Not since the Unsolved Mysteries theme song has something made me this uneasy.

Information regarding how the man entered the home, whether it was by breaking a window or simply an unlocked door, is unclear. But either way, it’s a good reminder to make sure your place is on full-blown lock-down while you’re asleep, just in case some lunatic decides to pay you a visit.

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source: NBC