You Won’t Believe What This Cheerleader Did To Her Squad

Either this photo is totally fake or it deserves some kind of prestigious award for photo journalism.  Did someone in the band play the brown note? Because this cheerleader appears to be cheering a little too hard as she roots for her football team… without her mouth.

I hope this was a home game or that’s the most awkward bus ride ever.

This photo quickly went viral; just like whatever I’m guessing this young lady ate for lunch. Many have derided the photo as an obvious Photoshop fake. It’s been studied for the angle of the poo versus the angle of the cheerleader mid-air, versus the lighting and so forth. Also there is a lack of information provided as to the where, when and how this happened. Basically it’s been studied way too hard and you should just laugh at it for whatever universe fake or real that it exists in. Personally I choose to believe that this is real. I mean just look at the horror on the faces of the cheerleaders beneath her. What else could cause such fear?

Give me a “P”!- P! – Give me two more “O’s!” – What’s that spell?

There are a few famous snapshots of athletes at sporting events that are iconic to all of us; Muhammad Ali grimacing victoriously as he stands over his opponent that he just knocked out. I argue that this photograph should be one of them.  

Sometimes when you got to go, you got to go even if that turns your teammates into a human toilet.

What do you think? Is this photo fake? Or is it painfully real?

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