Does This Philly Cheeseburger Donut Make You Hungry Or Disgusted?

There seems to be some kind of unofficial contest in the world to see who can stuff the most unhealthy foods into even more unhealthy foods to create some kind of weaponized food. A burger joint in Philly has racked up quite an arsenal of arse-expanding menu items and their latest creation involves stuffing a cheeseburger into a donut.
It’s called the “D’oh Nut Burger,” a creation of the fiendish minds at the PYT Burger in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Their latest concoction does to the cheeseburger and donut what a cheeseburger donut does to your ever-widening ass. They take a giant, gooey glob of melted cheese and meat, make it into a donut like jam and stuff into a jelly donut, the latter of which sounds like a tofu dog compared to the “Do’h Nut Burger.” They then cover it in a sweet and tangy glaze and top the thing with, of course, bacon bits. The only way they could make this thing unhealthier is if they sprinkled a literal helping of diabetes all over it.

PYT Burger has earned a reputation for coming up with crazy dishes that can cause toddlers to suffer coronaries just by looking at them. Back in July, they unveiled the donut cheesesteak burger that combined two famous meat sandwiches and a dessert for the tub of fat who’s always on the go (presumably to the bathroom or morgue).

They also released a deep fried Twinkie burger that replaced the buns of the burger with two deep fried Twinkie treats. It reportedly caused KFC’s executives to take a look at their own menu, sobbing into their hands screaming, “What have we done?!?”

They even sell something called a Funnel Cake Burger that uses two fried funnel cakes for the bun. It comes with a side of fries and a Rascal scooter.

I think I literally gained weight just by looking at these images. So would you try the donut cheeseburger or just eat an ice cream cone of Crisco and call it a day?

by Danny Gallagher

source: Food Beast