Why Is This Fraternity Under Investigation For Sending A Christmas Card?

Take a look at their Christmas card and see if you can guess why the Phi Delta Theta fraternity brothers of the University of Pennsylvania are currently under investigation by officials at their school and their international fraternity organization. I’ll give you a moment…

OK, so the guy on the right is rocking some sexy Christmas PJ’s but on closer inspection it seems that all his little frat bros are kept safely under wraps, so nothing improper there to get offended by. The dude up top is doing his best Deep Throat impression with what appears to be a fish… maybe the college animal rights people are on his case, however I doubt it’s a real, live fish. Wait, who is that on the upper left? Is that a dark skinned blow up doll amongst a bunch of white dudes? Hmmm.

Frat tradition: put the Christmas Sex Doll under the tree and yell “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

While the frat brothers say that they innocently bought the “Beyoncé” themed sex doll as a gagging–  gag gift for one of the guys who is a big Beyoncé fan- the doll did not resemble Sasha Fierce as the packaging proclaimed. While the bros thought it was a good juvenile joke to include the gaping mouthed toy in their holiday photo; others on campus were not crazy in love with this Christmas card.

The Single Lady

“5B” a coalition for minority organizations on campus and the Penn Undergraduate Consortium for Women made statements to campus officials calling for the fraternity to be punished for the insensitivity. In an email apology the Phi Delta Theta’s say ““the absence of racial motivation is no justification for this act of poor judgment.”

Do you think these college kids deserve to be punished for the sex doll Christmas card or is it just some silly hijinks blown out of proportion?

Source: The Daily Pennsylvanian

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