Court Documents Reveal How Much Robin Thicke & Pharrel Made From ‘Blurred Lines’

The biggest song of 2013 is now in the middle of a court battle with Marvin Gaye’s estate saying that the song sounded a little too much like Gaye’s song “Got To Give It Up“. I can sort of hear the similarities, but if the use of cowbell is a crime, put Christopher Walken in jail already. Regardless, court documents regarding Blurred Lines have been made public, which means we now know the earnings of the song, which is apparently over $16,675,690 million. It’s good to be a recording artist.

Not only do we know how much the song has made, we also know how much Pharrell, T.I. (real name Clifford Harris apparently) and Robin Thicke made from the song to date. Pharrell and Robin Thicke both made $5 million each and T.I. has made $700,000. The rest was split between three record companies including Pharrell’s. Not a whole lot if you ask me considering you couldn’t go to sleep without hearing the damn song, but not a bad payday however you slice it.

The hearing has been going for a couple of days now with plans to wrap it up on Thursday which is when the jury will give their verdict.

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source: The Wrap