This Rapper Demands A Picture Of Carl Sagan In Their Dressing Room At Every Show

Most would consider Carl Sagan to be a cool individual. He’s an American astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author and science popularizer and more which is pretty rad. But you wouldn’t think Sagan would have much weight in the hip hip and rap world, let alone the music world in general but apparently this successful recording artist is such a big fan, they enjoy having Sagan around wherever they go. So much so, they request photo of Carl Sagan listed on their rider (a list of items needed by the performer, given to a venue to purchase before each show) along with other normal things like Pedialyte and candy bars.

Pharrell Williams instagrammed a photo of his most prized possession recently, which struck fans as odd. I mean it’s cool, but still very much out of left field.

In 2014, Pharrell had mentioned in an interview that Carl Sagan was his icon after growing up watching Sagan’s show Cosmos, saying he had always been blown away by the way Sagan’s mind worked.

“Every time I look at that picture I realize how lucky we all are…to be on this planet and to do what we love to do every day. Carl’s face reminds me of it.”

As random as it might seem, I think it’s pretty great that someone with Pharrell’s level of fame in a totally different field holds someone like Carl Sagan in such high regard. Now if only more kids knew who Carl Sagan is, there might be some hope left in this world.