Was It OK For Twitter To Suspend Pharma Bro For Stalking Teen Vogue Writer?

Over the past year and a half, we here at Break have become obsessed with Martin “Pharma Bro” Shkreli. When he is not gouging AIDS medication prices, getting arrested for a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme or smirking his way through Congressional testimony,  he is using Twitter to troll the masses and stir some shit up for his own entertainment.  He’s like Donald Trump, but without the nuclear launch codes.  He is pretty much a man of his time!

However it seems that Shkreli finally went too far even by the standards of 2017 daily life. Pharma Bro has a new obsession: Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca.She grabbed Pharma Bro’s attention after Duca appeared on a Fox News segment arguing with host Tucker Carlson who told her to “stick to the thigh high boots”

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Shkreli started sending her direct messages. This escalated to Pharma Bro seeming to become infatuated with the married woman to the point where he creepily photoshopped himself cuddling with the writer;


The man that he put his head over in the featured photo is in fact Duca’s huband. To top it off Pharma Bro invited her as his plus one to the “inaug.”  Responding to the invitation to attend the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump while sitting next to Martin Shkreli she responded;

After Shkreli’s followers started sending her death threats coupled with the weird photoshops it looks like she had enough. Duca Tweeted to one of the founders of Twitter Jack Dorsey whose Twitter handle should be noted is just “@Jack” asking “How is this allowed?”

I have to agree; how could Pharma allow himself to go full Buffalo Bill like this?

So earlier this week Pharma Bro’s Twitter account was suspended. Twitter confirmed that the account was suspended since the company does not tolerate “targeted harassment” and Skhrelli can have his account unsuspended if he takes down the weird photoshops and stops messaging Duca.



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