Police To Use DNA To Bust Dog Owners Who Don’t Pick Up Their Pet’s Poop



Whether you live in a big metropolitan city or  a quiet suburban neighborhood, there is one common link that bonds them all: dog poop. If you are a dog owner in any of these environments, chances are, you take it for walks and sometimes it takes a dump in areas where other people are walking. The decent thing to do is to clean up the mess so that no one steps in it in order to keep the neighborhood clean. But there are those assholes who couldn’t care less and just leave their canine fecal matter in the open so that it can be smeared, smashed and dragged into the homes of the innocent. This all might change, thanks to one borough in London who is planning on cracking down on all dog poop criminals with the use of science.

The appropriately named district of Barking and Dagenham is partnering up with U.S. based BioPet Lab for a project that would require local doggy park users to submit DNA cheek swabs of their dogs. Doggy poop wardens will patrol the park for rogue piles of poop. If any of that poop matches your dog’s DNA it’s an automatic fine of $120 (or in their case, £80). That is some hardcore CSI realness.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhh dog poop.”

BioPet Lab has been doing stuff like this for years, but it’s only now that it’s catching on. This is only a pilot project for now, but the London borough plans to have all 27 of its parks under this special poo poo patrol. Stateside, the Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation Department in Indiana said they are considering using their services (could Pawnee be next?). Sure, it may be a little bit too sci-fi for doggy doo, but if it stops morons from leaving their dog’s crap on the sidewalk, I’m all for it.

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