Despicable Person Used “Minions” Toys To Smuggle Cocaine

Even Gru would stick his nose up at this one. While the “Minions” are known for helping an evil “supervillain,” they are more lovable mischief makers than actual hardened criminals… or so we thought. In a recent drug bust in Harlem the little yellow Minions were involved in the smuggling of cocaine. Woooo, doo, doo, ut-oh!

This explains a lot.

It seems that after their movie, all of this fame has gone to their little heads and they have climbed up the evil ladder to be involved in more serious crimes. Suspected drug trafficker Albert Fortosa was arrested after police allege that he accepted a package from UPS containing what appeared to be adorable children’s wrapped birthday presents including Minions… stuffed with COCAINE. Once you stuff cocaine up a Minion’s b-hole, you are going to have a long, long night.

To be fair it seems that the Minions were not complicit with the cocaine smuggling operation. The Special Narcotics Prosecutor says that once police confronted Fortosa about the package he dropped it and tried to make a fast getaway. Unfortunately for him a throng of mini henchmen did not come to his rescue and he was quickly apprehended and arrested for the drugs and resisting arrest.

Authorities had been tracking Fortosas activities for weeks and suspected him of using the Twinkie shaped goofballs to ship and receive more than $225,000 worth of drugs from Puerto Rico. The drug trafficker also used toys from Frozen such Olaf.. which brings whole new meaning to the song “Do you want to build a Snowman.”

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Source: Gothamist