The New ‘Emo Cat’ Meme Makes Us Sad

If the fact that cat memes exist makes you sad, this may finally be a cat meme you can appreciate.

Some lucky cat owner out there is making a ton of money off of Grumpy Cat endorsement deals and film rights, not to mention products such as Grumpy Cat-themed T-Shirts, calendars, and merkin cases. As you sit in your cubicle slaving away while a cat is lavished with such praise, adulation and cash, it’s enough to make you slit your wrists and curse the futility of life. Most of us will probably never become as successful as Grumpy Cat. All we are is dust in the wind.

“Emo Cat

The cold, harsh reality of another waking moment beats down on me like the passage of time’s slow march toward the inevitable.

Ashley Herring of New Orleans got a new kitten that she quickly named Purrmanently Sad Cat. OK lady, I’m going to stop you right there. If you want all that Grumpy Cat cash, that’s a lot to fit on a mouse pad. Henceforth we shall call him Emo Cat.

I am crying with the pain of all the souls that will never be born.

He just looks like he wants to put on some My Chemical Romance and read some Edgar Allen Poe while smoking clove cigarettes. That or he just watched The Notebook and is trying hard not to cry in front of his bros. Either way, it will be OK, Emo Cat. You have found Internet fame and while all the famous people who ever lived did so on an insignificant “pale blue dot” – you don’t have to worry about that right now.

Emo Cat AKA “PSC” as Ashley calls her for short, is a small female kitten who she says has a happy life despite the sad look on her face. After posting her photos to Facebook, the cat quickly became popular. There is much sadness in life. So let Emo Cat cheer you up with words of despair.

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