Pepsi Releasing “Back To The Future II” Pepsi Bottle On October 21st

They say that great science fiction can predict the future. In the case of Back To The Future Part II where Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel 30 years into the future year of 2015, the film creates the future. In the years leading up to “Back To The Future Day”- October 21st 2015,  we have been given the self-lacing Nike sneakers Marty wore in 2015 and a slew of people are trying create a functioning hover board; or at least trying to fake one.

Now Pepsi, the soda that every waiter asks if it is “OK” to serve you when you ask for a Coke, is coming out with its own retro future bottle as seen in the film. “Pepsi Perfect” will be released on the same day that Doc and Marty arrive. Just in time! No flying cars but at least we have viral internet marketing. The future is now. Yay..

Pepsi Perfect? So they replaced it with Shasta Cola?

Before you strap on your self-drying vest and head to the 80’s Café, you should know that Pepsi is only releasing 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect. In addition each bottle will cost $20.15 (get it?) – or about the price of a small Pepsi at a movie theater screening of Jaws 19.

Take a trip to 1980’s version of 2015 in this new Pepsi ad. On the plus side nobody is texting while driving.

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It should be noted that the Pepsi “Perfect” in the bottle is just regular Pepsi. Not sure that the film insinuated that the “Perfect” was anything but a slogan and that in the past thirty years they someone made Pepsi taste better.

Would you buy this Back To The Future collector’s item?

Time for some Pepsi Perfect

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Source: USA Today