Who You Calling A Freak?: People With Unusual Bodies

If you haven’t figured out by now just how weird people can be, well, we are here to offer even more proof of the incredibly odd complexities of the creature known as the human being. We’re going to explore some of the most “interesting” human bodies. A carpenter made the news this week for stating he might lose a finger or toe while working. It was newsworthy because he actually has 28 total fingers and toes.


Backin the day, they were called Siamese twins. Today, the term is conjoined twins. 

Do you like naturally large breasts? Well, to say that Annie Hawkins (aka Norma Stitz) has large breasts is the understatement of the week. She wears a 52L bra, which in laymen’s terms means that her boobs are basically the size of Rhode Island.


Needless to say, some of our examples are terribly sad and even difficutl to look at. 

Shoes might have been an issue for Francesco Tentini the 3 legged man. 


Do you know how wide your tongue is? Probably not, but it’s surely not 3.37 inches wide like Byron Schenkler, the world record holder.


To prove that we’re not lying about any of these, we will leave you with a record that would make Pinocchio proud. 3.46 inches from bridge to tip is truly a mighty nose.