7 Caught-On-Tape Reasons Why Drugs Are Bad For You

This week, we’re celebrating the Break Movies page with our newest category “Crimes And Misdemeanors“, a subject that is no stranger to making an appearance or two on Break.com. Criminal acts can obviously be a hazzard to your health, including the possession of drugs or worse, the crime drugs cause you to commit. But, it’s everything else that drugs cause you to become that is often overlooked in every day situations so here are a few examples of why drugs are bad for you. As if you didn’t already know.

7. Drugs can transform you into a toddler.

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6. Drugs turn you into a really, really annoying neighbor.

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5. Drugs keep you from doing your job, during your job.

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4. Drugs don’t help you deal with body issues.

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3. Drugs keep you from completing your grocery shopping.

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2. Drugs make you forget to keep your clothes on.

1. Drugs won’t turn you into a super model.

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