People Are Pissed That This 12-Year-Old Got Chokeslammed At A Wrestling Show

As someone who doesn’t watch wrestling, I don’t see what the big problem is with chokeslamming a 12-year-old girl in the ring.

Girl Gets Chokeslammed At Wrestling Show

Girl looks fine to me. Sure kids are obviously more fragile than adults, and chokeslamming someone could leave them with a ton of injuries – but isn’t all wrestling fake anyway? If you look closely the wrestler has his hand underneath her back to help mitigate how fast she falls to the ground, which is probably a lot gentler than what her dad would’ve done if he’d tried it. You know what my favorite game was when I was little? Getting tossed into the air by my dad, and then swung onto the carpet so I had a giant rug burn going up my back; one time I even hit a ceiling fan. I turned out A-OKAY.

Girl Gets Chokeslammed At Wrestling Show: People Aren’t Happy

But it appears most wrestling professionals don’t approve of Izzy’s chokeslam, as scores of them took to Twitter to express their disdain with the whole situation:

Now that we’ve officially established it’s apparently not cool to beat the snot outta kids in the wrestling ring, I think it’s safe to admit that we’ve all had those times where we wanted to chokeslam some piece of shit lil’ 12-year-old. There should honestly be some law where if the parents aren’t disciplining their kid in public, anyone who happens to be standing nearby can come and give them a whap on the head. Not a chokeslam – a whap. We’re not trying to get arrested here – you gotta save the chokeslams for when the kid is REALLY asking for it, like when they accidentally clip your heels while pushing a shopping cart.

Girl Gets Chokeslammed At Wrestling Show: It’s Fiiiine

Actually, I take that back – that should be punishable by death, and we can save the chokeslams for aspiring professionals like Izzy.

And for the record…

…she was totally fine the whole time.

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