People Are Outraged Over Reese’s Christmas Tree Shape & 6 Holiday Food Fails!

For the past 22 years The Hershey Company has dropped a delicious load of combination chocolate peanut butter confections on the holiday season celebrating public. The warm fuzzy feeling I get biting the branches off of a Holiday Reese’s Tree is second only to biting the head off a chocolate Santa.

That is why I am sad to report that this year the Reese’s Christmas Tree has laid a giant turd. Really; everyone around the Internet is completely outraged that Hershey’s Reese’s peanut butter chocolate mouthgasm looks like it came from the Hershey Highway. #Iam12.

I guess when shoving a piece of chocolate covered peanut butter mush into their mouths folks are concerned with how it looks. They don’t want it going in looking like how it will come out. What is the big deal?

Although isn’t that what we are always told as kids?  It’s all going to the same place anyway so just eat it? Although, check this out; I think I found the Christmas tree that the guy at the Hershey factory designed the Reese’s Christmas Tree mold after!  

If people are pissed about these bad Reese’s Christmas Tree’s, they are really going to pop a chocolate blood vessel over some of these holiday food fails!

1. Santa Has Been Naughty This Year

2. This Valentine’s Day Say I Love You With A Lumpy Pizza

3. Frosty Looks Like A “Saw” Victim

4. Santa Sat In The Sauna Too Long

5. The Gingerbread Man Code Enforcement Is Not Going To Approve This

6. The Easter Bunny Doesn’t Want To Be Left Out

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Source:  Fox News